Sunday, 28 February 2010

Golf #762175

Silverdaddies id : 762175
Age: 62
location : Savannah, GA

i am an outgoing male and love the outdoors i also can not send but 2 messages a day contact golfsav@ that is my contact mail

Friday, 26 February 2010

Hadrijjan #377320

Silverdaddies id : 377320
Age : 57
Location : Rome Italy

you caan write to my e mial adress
m e d v j e d 5 5 @ n e t. h r
Smooth gentleman 180,95,19cm, would like to meet a genuine young man, without any obligations.
Write me please on my adresss directly
I am wondering how much people doesnt see this e-mail adress! I have only 2 messages for a day! So, please conact me by e mail
Herrmann10 et .com
Bin auch deutschsprachig!

Coach/Daddy Mitch #27915

Silverdaddies id: 27915
Age: 58
Location: Chicago

Hey there guys ...

... be sure to check out my video clip on here of my film, "Making The Team" .. Two jock boys working on my cock and balls to see which one gets to bottom for me.

Email me at if you'd like to know how you can download the entire video, right to your hard drive, to watch as often as you want.

I have another one you just might love too. It's called "Ridin' Daddy Raw"

I am a REAL LIFE Masculine TOP Daddy and highly verbal. I'm also a Coach and Daddy in Adult Gay Videos. I specialize in fulfilling Coach/jock and Daddy/son fantasies in films and in real life. I'm always lookin' for hot submissive bottom boys who want to "service" me. You can see lots more of me on my FREE Web Site At Be sure to put a DASH between Wild and Oats. I Live/Work in Chicago, but also in Ft. Lauderdale whenever I can get out of the city. I'm only interested in IN SHAPE boys 18 to 25 (older too if you are in GREAT shape) who know how or are willing to learn how to please me.

I'm always looking for YOUNGER Models ... first timers and inexperience is ok and most times prefered. I love to train and coach. Email me your BEST photos if you're SERIOUSLY interested.

My Email is:

I'm always looking for real good Chicago boys that live close by ... for me to feed on those evenings when I'm needing to relax and get a hot load off.

If you live nearby and are seriously interested, email me your photos (full body with face) and let me know you're ready, willing and able.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Don # 159752

Silverdaddies id: 159752
Age: 62
Location : Miami, Florida

Hi, and thanks for visiting my profile, I am very approachable here... I have a good sense of humor... very out going... like to travel...NO DRAMA here..easy going... love the out of doors... am smooth... like kissing (very orally inclined)...cuddling, not into the gay scene at all, am affectionate, passionate, and masculine...if interested in meeting-up say HI.. thanks DON

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Gilbert # 1796

Silverdaddies id: 1796
Age: 56
Location: Kansas City, Missouri

I'm a 55 yo Hispanic gentleman (5'-9", S&P/brown, 32W, 40C, 161lbs, and very athletic) who is world-traveled, cultured, passionate, kind, caring, honest, well educated, and trim (I'm a competitive masters runner and race in 400m, 800m & 1500m track races all over USA and abroad) gent; I'm also drug/HIV free and open to a casual friendship. I'm not seeking a LTR

I also enjoy traveling, dining in romantic restaurants, museums, photography (a hobby of 25 years), reading (fiction/history), history, the arts, sports, running/working out, movies, romantic music (classical, easy-listening, new age, Spanish and Mexican) computers, the Internet, webpage design, chess, stock market, and relaxing at home.

I'm seeking a silver hair gent who is distinguish looking (comfortable in jeans or a tux) and between the ages of 50-70. Also, one who enjoys traveling, a smart/casual dresser, well-educated, cultured, honest, passionate, caring, clean shaven, drug/HIV free, and adventurous. Please nonsmokers only.

Kansas City, MO

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Robert # 25568

Silverdaddies id : 25568
Age : 69
Location: Hallandale Fl

HAPPY NEW YEAR..I hope 69 would be my best year sure is my favorite fun times. I'm single, retired, live alone. Spending the winter in Hallandale beach area and looking to meet guys who are single and have interest in making friends. To buddy around with???
Sex is easy to get in this area, friends are rare.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Sammy # 436207

Silverdaddies id: 436207
Age: 59
Location: Randwick, Australia

Easygoing, romantic, black hair and eyes, 173cm tall (5ft 8in) 68kls, social drinker, non smoker, no drugs, cheeky personality into the arts, gym, naked yoga, eating out, travel, moonlight walks along the beach,weekend away,long lazy Sunday breakfasts & quiet nights at home snuggling up with a DVD, pizza and a glass of wine.

Seeking an easygoing, caring, romantic, non scene fun guy who enjoys a good laugh for a one on one relationship.

Looking to having some fun, chatting and making new interesting friends along the way.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Otto Dix #182821

Silverdaddies Profile id: 182821
Location: USA

Fun loving educated professional, artist craftsman and cultural guy here from Michigan.. who enjoys the company of other masculine, UNCOMPLICATED men. I am a avid nature lover and enjoy mountain biking and hiking. Always looking to meet new masculine friends....maybe more with right guy.

(sorry, non member currently and limited to respond)
(calder111 at yawhoo

Thursday, 18 February 2010

emaleme #181709

Silverdaddies id: 181709
Age: 62
Location: London/Brighton UK

Hiya Guys - Thanks for all your very kind and wonderful messages recently. I'm a happy,genuine and friendly man who is simply looking for some passionate and horny times with like minded guys. No strings - just good times - can travel and will travel if you are up for it but cannot accommodate. Any questions - just ask - let me have your e.mail address if you are short on messages and I will get back to you or am on Gaydar - same profile name so you can get me on there too. More pics available if required!.You need also to know that I am in a relationship and we have been together for 25 yrs - we are still very much in love but no longer have s@x together which is why I'm on here. If you are OK with that then get in touch.
Look forward to hearing from you

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Toshak #69850

Silverdaddies id: 69850
Age: 62
Location: Alice Springs, Australia

Fit, hairy, hung, blokey type, slim build. Based in Alice Springs working as a Tour Guide,if you ever want to visit Ayers Rock or other parts of central Australia I can help/host. I enjoy cars and travel, outdoors, sport, nights in and dining out. Like my boys slim,and a little bit daring and preferably under 35. I will enjoy exploring your mind and your body, my email is if you want to save your messages.Also check my profile with more pics at

Friday, 12 February 2010

SlenderNHung #248405

Location: Ft Lauderdale, Fl

Well educated. Well traveled. *Leave email*
Top man.
Enjoy running, biking, lifting weights, photography, singing in musicals, Traveling, Traveling, Traveling and Traveling.
Have a great time lying naked on the beach in Ptown and kayaking around the harbor and bay.

Sexual Method:
I am more of an intense top rather than just dominant. I tend to be sensual and am very good with the large tool that hangs between my legs.(10x7) Generally true bottoms come back for multiple sessions. Three times is the charm. I especially like opening a guys second door for the first time. I love to see the look on his face when I hit that sweet spot deep inside him for the first time. It is gratifying to see the amazed look and feel the physical reaction. Put yourself in my hands and I can give you luxurious pleasure.

If a bottom is truely sensual then I can go into tantric climaxes. These are whole body climaxes that come in waves of two or three at a time. Incredible intense waves of ecstacy. I been able to teach only one other to experience these tantric episodes but I am willing to try if a bottom is sincere.
Please leave your email if you want to communicate.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

NakedJack #559593

Silverdaddies id: 559593
Age: 50
Location: Manchester UK

Happy, courteous and reasonably intelligent guy looking for friends anywhere. Hobbies include reading, history, languages, film, theatre, travel - a wide range of tastes. I like to dress quite formally and am always happiest in suit and tie with all the accessories - cufflinks, smart shoes and 50s style sock garters (but please don't worry if you're the more casual type, I dress down as appropriate!). I'm also very into naturism, especially swimming and being outside naked and am happy to meet for naturist gatherings

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

HairyHunk #289214

Silverdaddies id : 289214
Age: 62
Location : Vacaville, CA

Looking for men who are sexually adventursome. I am versatile and can take as well as give it. TOP or BOTTOM: Depends on who, what, when, and where. I like switching roles. I'm looking for MEN. NOT into 24/7, and enjoy the company of men in and outside of the play room. I have no preferences in terms of race, size (of anything), hair, etc. It is the total package that is important. P.S. I AM "HAIRYSONFORDAD" DADDY.............

Monday, 8 February 2010

ShoeHorn # 60558

Silverdaddies id: 60558
Age: 59
Location : Paignton, UK

I am a mature gent who enjoys gents my age and older, I like it mild to wild with some kink thrown in, I love art and drawings. music and warm sun. and I love being in the nude. I do like a drink but dont smoke. I like to dress well. tie and bow ties and I allso own a kilt.

have fun everyone and a happy new year.asyou can see in my video I have a hairy chest again all I ne now is a tounge to lick me clean. lol

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Klaus # 99755

Silverdaddies id: 99755
Age: 55
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Show me your face and body and we could been conected!
I prefer Guys who has been developed so far as they can show them selfs as "real" and "naked" (face and body) as they are on this kind of datingsites! I like to top the top-guys, versatile guys and actiev bottom guys. jeans leather guy 53years, hiv neg. 1.84m, 85kg, 20cm. I am 80% top but can be an actief bottom for the right XXXL guy!! Further I am hygienical, in good shape, with brains and balls. have facial hair and like to see it on my contacts as wel (but that is not written in stone), wel equiped, intelligent, humor and open for a lot of things. seeking guys who are a bit the same- take a erotical trip - to fuck or to get fucked! You also can look at; or
also a guysthouse in the north of the country, provence Drenthe, for rent with terras,sauna, sling, and sunbank in the most air clean area of Netherland!.
by the way, thank you guys for all the nice reactions, I can't answer them all, so consider yourself huged with a friendly: Thank's man
PS; My respect for the webmaster of this site:
Ma(e)n you 're doing a real great job!!!
if you're visiting Amsterdam , let me know,,, who knows,,

No face pic - no response - no date.
no photo's - no reaction - no date!!!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Hairy Hard Drive #104136

Silverdaddies Profile id: 104136
Age: 58
Location: St Maarten, Netherland Antilles

The look of love is in your eyes. A look your smile can't disguise. The look of's saying so much more than just words could ever say and what my heart has heard well, it takes my breath away. I can hardly wait to hold you, feel my arms around you. How long I have waited, waited just you to love you; now that I have found you...
The look of love is on your face, a look that time can't erase. Be mine tonight. Let this be just the start of so many nights like this. Let's take a lover's vow and then seal it with a kiss.
I can hardly wait to hold you feel my arms around you. How long I have waited, waited just to love you. Now that I have found you...don't ever go, don't ever go, please don't go.

This site is like a kick ass candy store window. So many mouth watering temptations. Open-eyed, tongue hanging out, drooling I drizzle desire for all of you...tall, short, hairy, slim, defined, beefy, endowed, not so well endowed...mmm,mmm. I adore a spirited hunka with a big heart who knows how to smile, laugh, one who appreciates a wink and a playful whack on the butt to say "you're special".
My knees go weak for a hairy man (no man is too hairy) and if he has a defined body so much the better. I like the feel of muscle and appreciate the hard work it takes to build. Hair on that muscle is the icing on the beefcake. I like to work out and am totally aware that a man's dedication to his body is just as attractive as his dedication to his mind and soul.
I love the taste and the smell of a man (hate cologne)...the feel of his stubble against my face as I gently palm his hairy pecs then continue on down that happy trail to the prize. I am uncut and proud of it.
No, I am not a rocket scientist. As much as I aspire to be one, truth be told, I will never be. What I am is discrete, honest, spiritual, hairy, caring, optimistic, healthy, respectful, courteous, affectionate, sensitive, naive, masculine, and a bit silly at times. I am a fan of intellect, common sense, integrity, ingenuity and animals of all kinds, especially dogs.
I believe; I love; I laugh; I observe and I smile...a lot.
I wonder about a lot of things. I wonder about you...who you are; where you are as you read my profile; what you look like when you smile; if you are happy; if you have loved before and even if you could love me.
Having never crossed paths with 'the One', I could be considered chronically single. Sadly, I am not so sure I would even recognize 'him' even if he were to club me on the noggin and drag me back to his beefcave.
Being so far away, I have to be realistic... and after all, this is the internet... fantasies abound.
I have met some wonderful men on Silver Daddies and I wish I had the time to get to know each and every one of you. Unfortunately, distance breeds a nonchalance I am not proud of. So in the meantime, let me jerk off to whatever you chose to share with me.
Indulge me.
ps.....Please don't be offended but I WILL NOT answer messages without a face picture. Once burned....

Friday, 5 February 2010

TOPDAD #228302

Silverdaddies id: 228302
Age: 62
Location: Pompano, Fl


I'm a daytime person, a very early riser. I must have been a farmer in a former life even though my adult life was lived in the West Village area of Manhattan. I've always wanted to find out what's at the end of the next road. This has led me to travel to 53 countries. I've been to all the continents except Antarctica. My favorite countries are Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil and Thailand.

I've always enjoyed communing with nature. I've been hiking, biking, white-water rafting, ballooning and sailing in different places around the world. My next dream is to go ballooning over the Serengetti.

Unfortunately, on my last trip to New Zealand, I had kidney failure, so I am now on dialysis and can't travel until I get a transplant. Got my transplant the day after Mother's Day. It was rough going at first but seems to be better now.

I've been singing since I can remember and was one of the founders of the NYC Gay Men's Chorus. I take singing lessons and love to go to piano bars. Music is a very important part of my life.

I love living down here in Florida. My place allows me to be in touch with nature every day. I'm always up to meeting new, interesting people to share experiences with.

Looking to meet new friends with the idea of dating. I have many interests and tend to take the lead role. Let's talk soon.

One of the mottoes of my life is to always keep the child in me alive.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

FtLaudFred #59104

Silverdaddies id: 59104
Age: 73
Location : Ft Lauderdale, Fl

Hey! All new 73rd birthday month pics here, right now!! (main profile pic is new May 2009, and three in gallery too!)...Now officially 73, and life is great for me, and I hope so for you, too!!

Inshape, romantic, passionate working Real Estate guy in my home town, wonderful Ft. Lauderdale/Wilton Manors...our gay village! Looking for an inshape romantic to share a life centered around love, laughter, music, theatre, gym, healthy nutrition. Been HIV+ for more than 22 years, but always blessed to be asymptomatic and very healthy...seeking to share life and love with an inshape passionate, romantic, (non-smoking) upbeat guy. (More pics on BigMuscle dot com profile 52835...I also posted a blog on the BM profile about HIV, and also about aging and being gay).
Please include your e-mail address (really like to see a pic, if you don't have one in your profile).

(That awful fat pic in the gallery, is from 1995)...(so glad I lost the 35 pounds, and all those bad vibes, too!) I've maintained 5'9" and 160# for more than 13 years, after 20 years of having three sizes of clothes in my closet...Bet you can too!!

I became a contributor to SilverDaddies. It's a great site with lots of good features...and for a couple of dollars a month, you can send all the replies you want. You can help keep a good thing going!
(direct line:

I receive lots of notes about weight loss, and it's great to know that many guys really want to make a change for the better. Seriously, anything is possible, once you have reached the point of making a hard and fast commitment to change! It is simple...sensible eating(never, never diet!), good regular workouts, and positive mental attitude! Spread that positive energy around, everyday'll be amazed at the good effect it has on others!! Good luck, and play safe!!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Gary # 225242

Silverdaddies id: 225242
Age: 57
Location: Melbourne, Australia

I am an ex married man who is now in a 20 year relationship with my man. We sometimes play together but usually separately these days. It would be nice to have a drink and or fun with a nice man. I'm happy to see guys at home as well.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Romalan # 189875

Silverdaddies id: 189875
Age: 71
Location: Southampton UK

I'm an easy-going man with a sense of humour. I belong to a gym and keep reasonably fit but one of my faults is that I'm a bit lazy so don't go as often as I should. I like to swim, cycle and walk my daughter's Yorkie.
I'm self-employed and just solvent - hoping to retire to the sun one day soon. I am not interested in being anyone's sugar-daddy - any hint of a begging bowl and I shut down completely no matter how stunning the guy is.
Sexually I'm versatile and like threesomes and groups as well as 121. I'm very masculine myself and only go for masculine, fit, clean guys. Scat, pain or fem put me off completely.
I'm artistic - was once a designer - but now I refurbish yacht interiors (always looking for commissions on the South coast) I like all types of music from classical to pop and love movies and some TV.
I'm hooked on all men but black and Asian guys leapfrog naked to the front of the queue. Don't get me wrong! I love ALL men as long as they are ALL-MAN
I'll always answer messages so hope some of you guys get in touch and maybe, maybe...............
Featured again and overwhelmed by wonderful messages from great guys around the world. I promise I'll try to reply to everyone but it's gonna take days, maybe weeks.
NEWSFLASH! I'm in love at last with a wonderful man.......