Sunday, 9 January 2011

A David #297333

Age:63 Location: San Francisco Silverdaddies id:297333

Many thanks to SD for providing a diverse place to meet new friends, lovers and wannabe lovers. I want to meet someone who lives close by for walks, talks and to be able to share the small things that make this life wonderful. I am grateful for the many friends throughout this world that have said hello and we have enjoyed good conversation and begun friendships.

It was here on SD that I met a wonderful man and had an intense loving relationship with him for two years. Long distance relationships have special challenges and he is now with someone else. I am open to meet new friends in this world and ready embrace dating again, whatever dating means.

A man who is multi-lingual is something I consider a plus, although I have yet to master to any degree any of the seven languages to which I have been exposed (well, maybe I do have a clue about English after living in London a couple of years). This world is diverse and gathering some understanding other cultures is a gift.

Even though I live on a quiet hilltop hideaway in the San Francisco East Bay hills, I so love life in the city, replete with museums, theatre, a plethora of music and musicians, endless food choices and most of all good friends, many of whom I have yet to meet.

I am usually drawn to younger men, in shape, active, intelligent and engaged in living this life in fullness. I have also been in relationship with men much older than myself and hopefully remain open to promising outcomes and to the serendipitous.

Sailing, running, hiking skiing, outdoor activities and travel are part of full and wonderful days. Being with some special person to share the beauty brings added wealth to this life. Let's sail away into sunsets, run into new days, hike the hills for views and ski down the mountains in a dance of excitement.

It is often said that if you have sex with a man on the first date you most likely won't have a second. What do you think? I would gladly forego the first with a prospective life partner, although, one can never know in a few dates if partnership is truly possible. One can know if sex is possible and there lies the rub, so to speak.

Ideally, I would like to meet someone local. That said, love can span the globe. I am not opposed to relocating under favorable circumstances. This world is full of good places and with the right man, they become spectacular.

Thanks to SD for featuring me. As a result there have been responses from great guys all over the globe. I have recently been on a three month Silver Daddy world tour to meet and greet men represented here, blogging the encounters in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa. I would love to continue meeting some of the really amazing men in this world.


Friday, 7 January 2011

Silverdaddies - 4SpecialOne

Age: 61 Location: Ft Lauderdale FL Silverdaddies id:1021134
attractive, athletic, swimmer, looking for that "Special Man" to compliment my active lifestyle. I am a good man, seeking same.